Maintaining Your Motivation

The most recent conference I attended had a very unusual speaker. The conference was essentially self-development, which can obviously include a wide number of topics.

This particular speaker, Deborah Marshall-Warren, is a hypnotherapist based in London (read more about her here).

She gave us a number of anonymous stories about clients she has helped – often in just one or two sessions – to do important things like overcome phobias, quit smoking and lose weight.

She also explained how she works with a number of clients to help them with work based problems, to deal with difficult clients, remain motivated and reduce stress. Such an interesting array of areas.

Her talk was fascinating and I recommend you look at here website.


Finance And Investment Conferences

An area where I have been to a number of conferences over the years is financial services and investment. Managing one’s finances well is a very valuable life skill and one well worth learning.

For beginners this is a good place to start reading. Investment is an expansive and life long pursuit, simply put, nobody knows it all. Nobody. In that regard, it can be a very engaging and engrossing hobby. It works the mind, challenges the psyche and demands constant attention and vigilance.

Because of these factors, and that there are profits to be made, there are many investment conferences hosted every year, with very specific and niche topics for their subset audiences. Typically they are hosted in the big financial centres such as New York, London and Singapore, but there are also others aimed at expatriates and internationally based investors in locations such as Monaco, Panama and Jersey. There is always something for everyone!


Playing Fantasy Sports Online

While on my recent conference in Malta (discussed here) I spent some time chatting to the directors of a new firm that has opened in Sliema.

The company is doing something very innovative – they have launched a fantasy football startup!

The game enables supporters to select the best players in Europe for their squad and then follow their performances live on their smart devices. It is quite amazing.

They explained the format of the game to me in some detail and looks quite complicated. They told me that it is a “skill game”. It looked entirely to be based on luck to me, but it seems that they have a small number of players who outscore almost everyone else quite consistently. While it didn’t look skillful to me, clearly some smarter people know something that I don’t…


Locating A Hotel In Malta

Your author recently attended a conference in the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. The conference itself was passable. Not life changing, but passable.

Unfortunately for me, the five star hotel that played host to the conference was fully booked before I made my own reservations. Therefore, I stayed in a hotel situated very close by, the Carlton Hotel in Sliema.

The interesting thing about the hotel is that positioning was superb for my needs and – I would expect – for most holidaymakers. It was a very acceptable hotel, with restaurants and bars close by and the sea only 50 metres away – that makes a change from my normal life!

Since I was in Malta for a conference, my time spent exploring the town and island was very limited. Despite that, I got a good vibe from my hotel in Malta and I hope one day to return for a longer visit.